You control your thinking of what goes in and comes out

My name is Aruna. I feel as though my story is very relatable to many women who have experienced life’s tumultuous challenges and have come out stronger, who have come out wiser, and who have learned lessons in life that will forever change the fabric of their very being. I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children.  My middle child, Logan, was born prematurely at 23 weeks old- barely viable. Logan was diagnosed at age 1 with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Logan currently is 10 years of age, weighs 35 pounds and is severely handicapped. He does not walk, he does not talk, he cannot sit nor do anything independently on his own.  Logan currently functions at the age level of a 3-month old baby. Logan communicates through facial gestures and nonverbal cues. Being a single mother while raising Logan(with no family support) is the hardest job I have ever been faced with in my entire life.  Of course through all of life’s up and downs, I do it gracefully with love. You never know how strong you really are until you don’t have a choice and must move forward through life’s obstacles. I grow stronger and stronger with each passing day.

I am currently employed at Catholic Charities as a Registered Nurse Case Manager. I serve as an advocate, a life coach and a spiritual resource for my clients.  I manage a homeless prevention program in Atlantic County that allows me to help people who have been down similar paths as mine.  I am a community advocate and women’s advisor as well.  I have made it my personal mission to assist, educate, support, and empower women- both spiritually and emotionally- through the belief of prayer, positivity and self-love. I believe in the healing power of prayer, being one with spirit/universe/god and provide guidance for my clients to help them rebuild and recover from traumatic events, divorce, addictions and so many other of life’s great challenges.  The program I operate allows me to meet with each client in a personal one-on-one setting where I act as a mentor to help these women restructure, learn self-love and provide hope for their future.


My story:

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to file for divorce after 10 years of marriage.  My world was turned upside down in an instant. Everything I thought or believed in was suddenly a lie. My husband had cheated on me with a mutual acquaintance, a younger woman, someone I had welcomed into my very own home. This woman had become familiar with my family life, had been part of family vacations and had become someone who I trusted as my own friend. The lasting love and traditional family setting I believed in was suddenly gone after learning of the infidelity. I felt fearful. I felt hopeless. I felt alone. I felt sad. I felt desperate. And above all, I felt lost. I became mentally, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt. The intensity of the pain while fighting through the divorce felt suffocating each day. I could not work, concentrate, sleep, or eat. Some days I couldn’t even muster the strength to get out of bed. I would lay there crying uncontrollably, pleading with God to fix things and put my family back together. I couldn’t control my emotions. Pain consumed me. Each day was an ongoing struggle. I felt broken. I dwelled in my pain every hour, every minute, every second of the day.

I still had a few close friends and supportive family who stood by me and encouraged me to not “throw in the towel” or give up. And then, I realized something. I had to be strong not only for myself, but for my three beautiful babies that looked up to me and relied on me. My kids are my world as I am theirs. I found that every time I consciously replaced my sad thoughts with more hopeful ones, I began to feel stronger. I was able to slowly face my own mistakes, take accountability, and start on this journey of self-healing. I am healing every day and learning to challenge myself to be better than I was yesterday.

Certain things have aided me in the process: acceptance, letting go, prayer, forgiveness, manifesting and trusting that God/Spirit/Universe has my back. Through the power of self-love, self-awareness, and just simply surrendering it all has lead me to be a better Aruna. My mantra in life is that no matter what you have gone through and how many times you get knocked down, you get back up, hit the reset button, trust the process and keep pushing forward with a new attitude.

You control your thinking of what goes in and comes out. When you mentally focus on optimistic, encouraging, and constructive things, the stars just seem to align in your favor.

Aruna Persaud